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Music Video

What About Us

Music Video (2016, Austria)

4:49 min





We live on an amazing planet...

But to ensure a livable future we all have to do our part and protect the Earth!


The Song What About Us talks about genetically modified organisms and the loss of crop diversity. It calls all of us to take responsibility for the world we live in.

The video is set in the beautiful Forest Quarter in Lower Austria. The singer GuGabriel rides a bicycle with a trailer that holds plants and flowers. She is joined by other people in a march for diversity and sustainability.




Song written & composed by


Director & Editor




Make-Up & Hair Artist

Production Manager

Assistant Camera

Crane Operator

Assistent Director

  Digital Colorist







Alexandra Wedenig

Alexandra Wedenig


Philipp Steiner

Jasmin Simak

Gerhard Neumann

Vojtech Nedved

Stefan Puffer

Florian Maurer

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