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Bad Seed

Music Video

Bad Seed

Music Video (2013)

4:28 min


Band: A Life, A Song, A Cigarette




The music video “Bad Seed” explores the idea that in our modern world, ruled by intellect, we tend to lock away our instinctual nature, fearing it as something dark and erratic. Banned away, it lurks in the shadows of our being when in fact it could be our strongest ally, if we let it.


BBC Music Video Festival * 2013 * UK

Tricky Women Animation Festival * March 2014 * Vienna / Austria


Director / Editor



Make-up Design



(in order of appearance)

Oliver Aitzetmüller

Maria Wolfsberger

Claudia Kottal

Miriam Hie

David Oberkogler

Daniela Tangl

Gregor Fröhlich

Manuel Dragan

Anna Battisti

Katharina Waldbauer

Nikolaus Ostermann

Louis Nostitz




Alexandra Wedenig

Philipp Steiner

Elisabeth Wedenig

Sam Dopona

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